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Buy Leech Order Wholesale Leeches

Buy Leech exports hirudo verbana leeches as wholesale to retailers, therapists and hospitals globally. Buy Leech operates in leech breeding and sale fields providing high quality hirudo verbana leeches to all around the world.

Leave us an email at to get a quotation and pricing along with informations on partnership and import process.
Buy Leech exports hirudo verbana leeches to all around the world. Leeches are wild caught and quarantined between 1-3 months and is being packed within IATA66 standarts. Buy Leech is one of the largest leech exporter having over 100 clients and partners in 12 countries. Our policy is to provide an excellent service along with highest possible quality leeches.

Buy Leech exports leeches with CITES and health certificates.

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